• How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account in 2021?


    Only a facebook user can understand the pain when someone says that their account is disabled. So I can get you how you feel right now. We will give you a complete working guide to recover your Disabled Facebook Account

    Your Account gets Disabled in Two Methods:

    Your account may be disabled for the two following reasons:

    1) Facebook itself will disable your account. 

    2) You would have disabled you. However, among this both, when users themself disable their account can retain it back just by resetting your password. 

    Reasons your Facebook account disabled are as follows: 

    1. Even after the repeated warning from the side of facebook, you will be kept on violating the terms and conditions set by facebook. 

    2. When you upload someone’s picture in your profile or the post you have made in your account is inappropriate. 

    3. You will be put in facebook jail, when you keep on sending friend requests or messages. 

    4. In less time, you have joined more fb groups. 

    5. When facebook’s community standard has been prohibited by you. 

    Way to fix Facebook Disabled Account:

    However, if you think that facebook has diabled you by mistake, you can still appeal. To appeal you will need to add a picture of your ID, email address or phone number and full name. In the additional section, you can add further more information to prove it is your real account. 

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